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Impromptu Fall Shoot

Since Myrrhia had limited photos from her Fall 2012 photoshoot we decided to do an impromptu shoot of our own with a bit of an indie heir. We called on friend and model, Chelsea, to help us out with this one. It also worked out that Myrrhia’s studio is located on art gallery row, so we were able to borrow some shooting space from the neighbors. Pre getting my new Cannon 7d (whoo!) I was able to borrow a camera and take some of these shots for Myrrhia’s Fall 2012 campaign. It was interesting learning how to use the camera, but also experimenting with the light in the art gallery. The gallery had this magnificent wired window and the light shown through the front and back of the gallery (which was a bit like a long cave) corridor- which made the light really tricky at times, but once honed absolutely breathtaking.

Here’s a little selection from the story that we told that day with Myrrhia’s clothing:

Photography: Andrea Krystine

Heartburst Boat Neck dress by Myrrhia

Heartburst Hi Neck Tunic by Myrrhia

Heartburst Boat Neck Tunic w/ sleeves by Myrrhia

Mitts and Voyager top by Myrrhia

Heartburst Cardi by Myrrhia

Network Dress by Myrrhia (available Spring 2013)

Heartburst Pulli by Myrrhia


You can check out the rest of Myrrhia’s Fall Collection here

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