Ecologique Fashion | AWEAR 2014
Ecologique Fashion is a sustainable fashion PR and events consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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AWEAR 2014

56 : Andrea Plell


Andrea is the founder of Ecologique Fashion and the Editor-in-Chief of Refix Magazine :: an online ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle magazine.

She is a fashion writer and eco fashion activist, as well as a publicist and art director for several eco-friendly fashion brands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Andrea is set on removing all “granola” stereotypes and showing society that sustainable style is beautiful, innovative, and here to stay.

Andrea is changing the state of fashion by educating her generation about the importance of conscious consumption, and she’s clearly doing it in style…

Tee (by Under the Canopy for Fashion Revolution Day, 100% organic cotton, made in USA)
Jacket (by Amour Vert Eco-fashion, organic cotton, made in USA)
Jeans (second-hand, thrifted from Crossroads Trading Company)
Shoes (by Olsenhaus, vegan)
Handpiece (by Elisa Gonsalves Designs, made in USA)
Necklace (by Lyons Mercantile, made in USA)
Makeup (by 100% Pure, “health food for skin”)

Andrea-Krystine-Awear3 Andrea-Krystine-Awear5

About AWEAR:

AWEAR is a project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who made them. With the high speed chase that fashion has become in today’s culture, AWEAR intends to help us all refresh our style, in a community-oriented way, where we can help each other along the journey.

AWEAR is a community of mindful consumers and stylish change makers.

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