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Ecologique Fashion is a sustainable fashion PR and events consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Tree Hugger

“This Myrrhia Battle cowl in organic merino wool forms a super-soft wind and chill blocker when you are out on the bike. The yarn for the cowl comes from a Springvale, Maine factory that has been manufacturing yarns since the 1860′s, Myrrhia says, and is lovely and soft organic merino…”

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Good Stuff: Jewel Tones & Complex Patterns

“The best thing about winter is that we can wear knitwear again without sweating. California-based knitwear brand Myrrhia‘s newest collection is full of knits that are edgy yet simple and wearable, like this gorgeous blue dress.” Read More… – Ecologique Show features fashions for a green future Fashion Files – Ecologique show features fashion for a green future November 2009

“Ecologique was presented at Thin/Onyx on Oct. 17, turning the runway into the first green initiative fashion event in San Diego. The evening showcased organic and reconstructed fashions. The event was a great way to educate the audience on making “green” a fashionable thing.” Read More…


944 Magazine – “Innovators Under 30”

944 Magazine – Innovators Under 30 Jan 2010

“Andrea Krystine Plell, 27, introduced her Ecologique Fashion blog in 2008 after working with indie fashion designers as a model and realizing her closet’s carbon footprint put her on the par with that of a hummer driver. Since then, she has become a leader in educating young fashionistas about the importance of sustainability– all while working and attending college full-time.” Read More…


Disfunkshion Magazine – “Ecologique: Fashion For a Green Future”

DISFUNKSHION MAGAZINE – “Ecologique: Fashion For a Green Future”  June, 2012 

“Since the idea that “going green” would help society sustain, we’ve begun to purchase products that claim to minimize our carbon footprint… but how do we play “good consumer” when it comes to fashion without going hippie-chic? Ask indie model and creative director Andrea Krystine, who founded a way to combine eco-consious efforts by making “going green” a more fashionable thing” Read More…