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I Tried On Skunkfunk’s Zero Waste Collection

While helping organize San Francisco’s Fashion Revolution Day, I had the opportunity to reconnect with designers I had previously worked with on various projects as well as meet new brands and sustainable fashion enthusiasts within the community. June Ortiz and Marion Tsr, of Skunkfunk San Francisco, were a couple of those lovely people. Amongst our meetups and activities they introduced me to Skunkfunk’s newest capsule project- a zero waste collection. For those unfamiliar with the term, “zero waste” is a technique in which a designer or pattern maker will create a cut and sew garment utilizing the entire piece of fabric they are working with so there are absolutely no off-cuts going to landfill. Just FYI: It is estimated that each time a garment is produced 15% to a 20% is wasted.

Anxious to check out the collection myself, June, Marion and I made a date at Skunkfunk’s mission district boutique. Although I had heard of Skunkfunk, I was unaware that they had been around since the mid-nineties and became popular through the European festival-scene. When I entered their beautiful San Francisco eco boutique I was amazed at how many styles they offered. In addition to ethically made clothing, they had handbags and accessories – including some really cool geometric-inspired paper totes that are waterproof and recyclable. What I enjoyed most was feeling the luxurious organic cotton softness of each top, dress and pant. One thing you truly miss out on when shopping online is the tactile quality of what you are purchasing.

Inspired by my visit, I wrote a piece about Skunkfunk’s collection for Ecouterre where I interviewed Alvaro Razquin, head of design at Skunkfunk. Check it out to learn more about Skunkfunk’s sustainable efforts and their awesome zero waste collection.







skunkfunk-12 skunkfunk-11


Below are a couple snaps of me enjoying the Skunkfunk’s Zero waste Calathea style. I really enjoy it because I can easily restyle both top or skirt into new outfits, plus the material is extra comfy- it feels like wearing pajamas. There is a button on the back that let’s you cinch in the top or let it hang loose as I did in the second pic. Love the versatility!





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