Ecologique Fashion | O’Lover Hats Launches Indiegogo Campaign Think Global -Hat Local
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O’Lover Hats Launches Indiegogo Campaign Think Global -Hat Local

An Oakland woman’s vision to celebrate a folk art with locally produced, high quality hats that create healthy economies and thriving communities.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Jun. 2, 2013 – SAN FRANCISCO — Elwyn Crawford, artisan hatter and owner of O’Lover Hats, is fundraising to build a hatter’s design studio where tradition meets modern technology in Oakland, CA.

“Across cultures and for thousands of years hats have protected us from the elements; celebrated special times in our lives; attracted the opposite sex,” says Elwyn who has been handcrafting hats for almost a decade. “Hats are a form of communication that speaks to our individuality and the relationship we have to a larger collective.”

With the goal of maintaining a folkart that has played a significant role in our country’s history, this credible woman entrepreneur plans to expand existing business to accommodate a hatter’s apprenticeship program that will create more jobs in Oakland. In addition, funding will allow Elwyn to invest in more hatters’ tools and industrial steam technology, as well as new computer hardware and software for design prototyping and manufacturing.

As a part of the maker movement, Elwyn brings value to the industry by using her artistic talents and passion to create hand-crafted, quality, American made hats using sustainable processes and materials. Her works contribute to the growth of a vibrant creative economy and its benefit to local workforce development.

“We want to create a strong Oakland hat company; one that makes super stylish headwear; one that upholds the artisan practice of our trade while bringing it into the 21st century; one to make this town proud.”

Crowdfunding perks include everything from “hat local” pins and t-shirts manufactured by local Oakland artists and businesses, all the way to an entire custom line of hats exclusively designed by Elwyn with the funder in mind.

To support Elwyn’s #hatlocal campaign, please visit:

Hashtag: #hatlocal
Twitter: @Oloverhats
Facebook: /Oloverhats

Contact: elwyn AT

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