Ecologique Fashion | Myrrhia AW14 Editorial Campaign
Ecologique Fashion directs Myrrhia Fine Knitwear's AW14 editorial campaign.
myrrhia, fine knitwear, art direction, styling, san francisco, bay area, consultant, portfolio, editorial, photoshoot
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Myrrhia AW14

Synopsis: A portrayal of the duality of the human spirit and the energy that exists within all of us. Amidst frequencies of overstimulation and rapid technological advances, one can find them self disconnected to what it means to truly live. To feel lost and overwhelmed by the demands of society forces the need to dig deep into one’s own consciousness for answers. With truth unfound, one can always discover clues and self actualization through finding something, or someone, they can relate to.


Director/DP/Editor: Emily Sandifer, Concept/Art Direction: Andrea Krystine Plell, Wardrobe: Myrrhia Fine Knitwear, Makeup and hair: Julia LoVetere, Models: Katrina @ Wilhelmina; Asher @ Ford, Production Company: ESP Cinema, Music: 88:88 (mssngdgts)


June 2, 2014


Art Direction, Styling