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Ecologique Fashion is a public relations, events and creatives company based in San Francisco, CA. With a focus on sustainable fashion, we are on a mission to support a paradigm shift in the apparel industry by promoting regeneration and ethical business practices.
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Something French

I’ve recently found a new appreciate for the scarf – especially when in the city. I often toss one in my bag as I leave the house just in case I run into an unexpected chill. Scarves not only provide warmth and comfort, they have the ability to add a certain je ne sais quoi to many outfits. The majority of ready-to-wear scarves on the market today are a dime a dozen (almost quite literally) and made from cheap, synthetic materials.

Not long ago great value was found in ones scarf. A woman might invest in one, two, maybe three. They were made in silky and sumptuous natural fibers and bought thoughtfully. These scarves were made to last many years and would enable a person to refashion and freshen up their minimal wardrobe.

Létol‘s aesthetic and manufacturing practices bring me back to that simpler time. Specializing in authentic jacquard, each Létol scarf is designed and woven in an artisanal atelier in the South of France. They are made with 100% GOTS organic cotton and finished simply with a wash of “Savon de Marseille”- a famous vegetable olive soap. The company also claims that they their products are three times more eco-friendly than any other product made of conventional cotton.

Find out more about Létol.

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  • lara crawford

    April 26, 2017 at 3:32 pm Reply

    Letol scarves make the perfect companion when on the run. The scarf looks as great wrinkly as starch ironed. The colors and designs are spectacular. Thanks for the post!

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