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Ecologique Fashion is a sustainable fashion PR and events consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Myrrhia AW13

At the beginning of the year/end of last, I began working with Myrrhia on planning a beautiful lookbook and fashion campaign for her lovely AW13 collection. Inspired by the dynamic energy that exists within all of us, Myrrhia’s AW13 embraces a duality of radiating patterns in smooth hourglass shapes in addition to chunky, textured organic merino knits in rich moody solids – both mimicking the dynamic human energy that exists within all of us. With a plentiful collection of 20+ pieces including sweater dresses, hi waist skirts (fav!), pullovers, cardigans, and knit accessories like infinity scarfs, hats and neck cowls, not to mention the …15 some colors they all came in… we had our work cut out for us!

Having established such an awesome team of creatives in Myrrhia’s last photoshoot for Spring 2013, I called upon some familiar faces (as well as new) to bring their talents to the table [of Myrrhia’s vintage studio in Oakland] once again. We had the infamous, practically famous (as she doubles as an actress in LA) fashion photographer Emily Sandifer, the beauty guru Rita Lonberger of ItsHighFashion, the fashion-editor-in-training Phoebe Gillan (my awesome and uber fashionable intern), the awesome hair salon I go to –The Plum Organic, a beautiful model courtesy of LOOK Model Agency, and me!

As art director of the entire operation, I started by thinking of different ways of communicating Myrrhia’s muse for the collection- dynamic human energy. I went through dozens of websites searching photos and meanings, came across countless scientific articles and chakra images, and finally found a theme…well almost. With all the vibrant colors and patterns, I knew I wanted to work with something bold as a compliment. I put together a style sheet cutting out some of the looks from the linesheet I also developed for the collection and pinning them with exaggeratedly big and smoothed hair styles, as well as accessories I felt would best accentuate [without over-powering] the garments.

sample of my styling sheet

As my brain widgets continues to crank, I got hooked on a word closely related to energy and self actualization- “expression”. In dissecting e x p r e s s i o n, I was reminded of the very first things I did as a young person when I wanted to express myself – draw (did you think I’d say scream?). While I was also here in my head stuck on the aesthetic possibilities of “draw”, my mind pictured myself drawing in school as this young person.. on a chalkboard. When I thought once again about a chalkboard and how a Fall/Winter collection commences around academic orientation time, I had my confirmation. A chalkboard would also enable us a bold background that would not only bring attention to the details of the garment, but allow us a customizable aesthetic.

I contacted Myrrhia with the idea and we decided we could make our own chalkboard. So, t’was a trip to the hardware store, two ladies (Myrrhia and I) who hadn’t painted in a while rolling our rollers in an effort of covering that wall evenly with two coats of chalkboard paint… and viola! we had our back drop.

On the day of the photoshoot it wasn’t a surpirse that we all worked very well and swiftly to capture every piece of Myrrhia’s collection. Our model gallantly stuck it out for the day (even after she had worked all night the day prior). Despite a few sleepy set-backs, she had some killer moves AND was able to draw the Myrrhia Logo after a few practice tries (proof here!).