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Ecologique Fashion is a sustainable fashion PR and events consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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The Not-So-Secret Contents of My Handbag

Some say you can tell a woman by what she carries in her purse. Although I’m not sure about all that, I do know that the items in my bag at any given day reflect how cluttered or calm my head might be. I’m happy to say that I’ve given up my hoarding got-to-be-prepared-for-anything purse days and now settle for a few basics in addition to my wallet, phone and a good shade of lipstick. Packing light and being conscious of the things that I carry in my bag – including the bag itself – has truly enhanced my busy lifestyle.


Future Glory | Moto Tote – Noir

For the past year and a half, the Future Glory moto tote has been my on-the-go savior with a strap. This open bag (no zipper) allows me quick access to the items within it. I can even slide my laptop into the bag for meetings. It’s a great carry-everywhere bag that goes with pretty much every outfit. I was most attracted to the bag because of its quality, knowing that I wanted something that would last me many years. The moto-inspired tote in made with durable, domestically sourced full-grain leather and is side channel stitched for sturdiness. Handcrafted in San Francisco, all Future Glory bags support social causes in the Bay Area. A portion of my purchase went to Because Justice Matters, a charity for victims of sexual exploitation and domestic violence.



Alder New York | Natural Hair Powder- Eucalyptus

Last winter, I had the pleasure of attending the Brooklyn Fashion +Design Accelerator‘s annual awards ceremony. The night was full of happy faces, delicious wines, even an impromptu dance party.  As I was walking down the aisle of designer workspaces, I came across a table of natural beauty products and couldn’t resist checking them out.  Lucky for me, I hadn’t packed any hair powder so I became giddy in finding a variety of scented hair powders all to my liking – it was simply serendipitous. I think I spent a good twenty minutes sniffing their products (ok, so I’m indecisive) and finally opted for the eucalyptus powder (added bonus of clearing my sinuses!). I carry said powder in my handbag on the daily and regularly use it between washes.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t get the long, voluminous hair my sister did, so Alder New York‘s natural hair powder gives my locks the after-work boost they needs to brave the rest of the day. I also have bangs (le sigh) which can be oh-so-cute one moment and then look like a 50’s-greaser-gone-bad the next. A little dab of this natural powder at the base of my bangs fixes them right up. As mentioned, this hair powder also works as a ‘poo alternative between washes – which is actually better for your hair!

Another thing I love about this product: it comes in glass as opposed to plastic. This not only makes the container easier to recycle and reuse after use, glass just translates quality and consciousness in a product to me. Made in small batches in Brooklyn, NY Alder New York’s natural hair powder formulation is free of talc, paragon, sulfate, formaldehyde and animal products, relying only on rich rice powder, kaolin clay, horsetail powder and essential oils. The company, originally founded in 2011 by David J. Krause and Nina Zilka has expanded their line to everything from soaps and activate charcoal masks to salves and pomades. Check out the entire product line here.



Calypso Glow | Moisture Rich Body Oil

I was introduced to Calypso Glow (another rad NY-Based company) through an introduction from Drakeford PR (thanks Dominique!).  I heard such great things I had to check it out. And boy am I glad that I did – my skin has never looked better. Their moisture rich body oil is like a sweet Caribbean spa escape in a bottle. First off, the smell is like non other as they’ve been able to capture lemongrass is such a way that it invigorates you without being overpowering. Sometimes, in lieu of perfume, I rely on this body oil as perfume.

Unlike other body oils I have tried, Calypso Glow’s Moisture rich body oil is never sticky and absorbs quickly into my skin leaving it rich and buttery without clogging my pores. I like using it right out of the shower, but throw it in my handbag for needed moisture throughout the day. It’s literally a thirst quencher for my skin! The key ingredients? Sustainably harvested coconut oil, omega 3 and 7 fatty acids, seaweed extracts and USDA certified organic essential oils. Founded by Patricia Bentham, Calypso Glow is inspired by the natural healing power of the Caribbean sea. Scope the rest of their luxurious product line here.



Schmidt’s | Ylang-Ylang Calendula

If you haven’t hopped on the natural deodorant train, do it now and don’t be afraid of being stinky ’cause I’ve done the research! Since 2008, I’ve been in search of the perfect natural deodorant that would let my pits breath and stay healthy, while keeping stickiness at bay. Say hello to Schmidt’s, my new best buddy and soon to be yours…

I’m sure you’ve heard that commonly used deodorants and antiperspirants have been found to contain harmful ingredients including aluminum, parabens and more. These compounds get absorbed by the skin and mimic estrogen, which promotes the growth of breast cancer cells. Being someone who doesn’t have time for all that, Schmidt’s made it easy for me to go natural without it ruining my social life. They truly set new standards for natural deodorant and with very few ingredients, and great scents to choose from, are able to maintain a product that is made vegan and cruelty-free. Schmidt’s is such a game changer, I’m tempted to buy their deluxe 5 pack and start passing them out to friends and family.

I opted for their ylang-ylang calendula flavor in glass container, but they also have products available in stick applicator form so you won’t be going out of your convenience-zone stay fresh. Being an always on-the-go kinda person who often times rushes out of the house forgetting deodorant, I have one jar reserved exclusively for my handbag while keeping another in my medicine cabinet. The consistency of the product is smooth, smells great and keeps me dry (and smelling fresh) all day even after a work-out. As if it couldn’t get any better, their product’s are made locally in Portland, Oregon pleasing my desire to support our local economy.

Salon d’ Retinue Premiere

Last week was the launch of Salon Retinue– a project I’ve been working on with Warren DiFranco of Modacine. In the effort of producing an industry event that exposes the latest in exceptional fashion, music, food, and art to journalists, buyers, and media, Warren and myself have taken on this project to stimulate the creative economy of the San Francisco Bay Area.


The premiere salon was hosted at the Impact Hub Gallery in San Francisco in celebration of Oakland-based, ethical knitwear company Myrrhia Fine Knitwear‘s Fall 2014 release.

This invite-only event featured a Myrrhia Fall 2014 preview, which gave industry guests first dibs on a 15% off pre-sale, as well as the opportunity to scope the craftsmanship of the beautiful garments in-person. To kick off the event, I presented the Myrrhia Fall fashion film- directed by Emily Sandifer (who also took all the photos for the Fall collection), with art direction by yours truly (along with film edits by Warren Di Franco).




A live Q & A took place giving media guests the opportunity to ask any questions they may have had. Each attendee was also given a gift bag, courtesy of ThereThere– a new line by Oaklandish, of which contained goodies as well as a lookbook and linesheet including descriptions of each garment in the Myrrhia collection. The beautiful Kaeli Renae stood elegantly in Myrrhia’s lovely sweater dresses and posed for press throughout the night.

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine



Nosh included locally sourced, catered appetizers prepared by Half Water Half Love, and of course, a variety of California wines were poured by the glass.

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine



As an added bonus, guests were treated with natural makeovers by Savage Jenny who also created a custom make-up palette inspired by the Myrrhia Fall 2014 collection. Each guest was also gifted with a Savage Jenny product.


Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine

Artist Mahsa Vanaki created a 3D installation specifically for the event called “Planter Wall”. The structure was made of folded laser-cut cardboard creating a vertical planter wall to bring some green plants to the interior. The geometric pattern was developed digitally using parametric design software. The exhibition is still available for viewing at the Impact Hub in San Francisco until September 1st, 2014.

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine

Photography by Warren Difranco / ModaCine

With a very successful launch, we look forward to presenting more of these types events in support of our local makers, artisans, chefs, designers, and visual artists, on a regular basis. If you are interested in being featured in a Salon Retinue event, please contact me at andrea [at]

Special thanks to all of our buyer and media guests, as well as Layla Musselwhite  of Savage Jenny, make-up artist Sarah Dashty, and designer Hector Manuel for supporting the event!


For more about Myrrhia’s Fall 2014 collection visit

Read the Myrrhia Fall 2014 Press Release here.

Photos by Warren DiFranco and the EcologiqFashion Instagram.


Sustainable Style Contest {Portland Edition}

AWEAR and Ecologique Fashion are on the search for great sustainable style in Portland!


We are looking for the next fashion changemaker for the August edition of AWEAR —  a project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who made them.

The contest will take place at the premier Urban Air Market Portland event on August 2nd and 3rd and we invite bloggers, stylists, and fashion lovers alike to show up wearing their best ethical outfit.

Outfit must be styled with one or more of the following guidelines in mind:

-Made in USA or Made locally in Portland
-Made of organic and/or sustainable materials
-In support of Fair Trade
-Second-hand or vintage
-Handmade, Sewn at home

Those who display the best ethical style will be featured on the AWEAR website, in the month of August, with a bio and link to their blog or website.


1) RSVP for Urban Air Market: Portland on the facebook event page

2) Attend the event dressed in your fav eco styled outfit

3)  Check in at the Urban Air Market info desk to have your photo taken

4)  Leave us a description of the articles of clothing you have styled along with your contact info and website or blog

5)  Enjoy the event and be proud to be a trend setter for ethical style!

A community of mindful consumers & stylish change makers, AWEAR is a project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who made them. With the high speed chase that fashion has become in today’s culture, writer and stylist Kestrel Jenkins founded AWEAR to help us all refresh our style, in a community-oriented way, where we can help each other along the journey.


Now in their 10th year, URBAN AIR MARKET remains the curated marketplace for sustainable design. Urban Air Market designers are selected based on their quality, originality, cleverness and method of sustainability in design. The event provides:

  • Consumers the ability to discover emerging designers, musicians, and artists
  • Artists and designers the ability to access new audiences for their work
  • Personal interaction between consumers and makers
  • An eco-conscious shopping experience
  • A platform for inspiration where designers can share ideas and collaborate

The Fashion Foot: Myrrhia

“When it comes to apparel being locally and sustainably sourced, it’s rare to find a brand who is passionate about the two ideas. At Myrrhia Fine Knitwear they’re all about locally sourcing and only using organic fibers (even their head designer is very eco-friendly!). The brand started in 2010 in Oakland, CA by Myrrhia Resneck and has been going strong ever since, revolutionizing how knitwear should be made. The clothes are all about “one being able to freely express themselves and reaching one’s full potential.” Shop the entire brand on their website…”

Read more here.

Edible East Bay

(Andrea Plell of Ecologique Fashion models an ensemble that shows the beautiful work coming out of our local fibershed. The Oaxacan Sky Mystic Spiral Beret is by Oakland-based O’Lover Hats. The Pyramid Infiniti Scarf, MC Jacket, and A Line Pyramid Skirt are by Oakland-based Myrrhia Fine Knitwear and are made with organic fibers by Capay Valley grower Sally Fox. Photo courtesy of Ecologique Fashion)

“Young urban designers with an interest in ethical fashion like it too. Andrea Plell of Ecologique Fashion, an eco-fashion promoter, organized the second annual Fibershed Fashion Gala last fall at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma. “We emulated what a garment supply chain could look like, with 11 looks in total by 22 designers,” she says. The designers, including several from the East Bay, were encouraged to adopt low- or no-waste production processes. Plell represents Oakland’s trendy 25th Street Collective and helped a group of associated designers open Metis Makers, a trendy slow fashion storefront on Grant Avenue in San Francisco.” Read more…

Myrrhia 2014 Fashion Film Trailer

Putting together a fashion film has been something on my list of to-dos. It’s one thing to be able to engage people in a single photograph, but it’s a whole-over-thang when it comes to keeping them entertained for the duration of a 3 minute short. Yes, although ‘short’ in order to exist in our 21st century society our brains have adapted to become quite the ‘meh’ content filtering machines.

In an attempt of showing consumers that eco fashion doesn’t mean a bunch of hippies dancing around in a circle under the sun, we set out to change the dynamic with a beautiful film centered on Myrrhia’s newest collection and the launch of her premiere men’s line.

Of course it all began with the intensive work of planning the photo shoot- booking the models, finding hair and make-up talents, and  budgeting all expenses that would go into creating a lovely platform to aesthetically introduce the collection to the masses. On top of all this, I was to create a storyline for a film that we would then shoot on the same day of the photo shoot!

Without giving too much away [since the film will be released in August 2014], I began drafting a storyboard that could communicate the expressive attributes of this new, futuristic collection…

Story Board Myrrhia AW14With all plans in place, designer Myrrhia Resneck and I packed up and flew to Los Angeles to join photographer Emily Sandifer (and our models) at her studio. In one full day of shooting we were able to capture all product shots, editorials, and footage for our fashion film.

With this project, I really wanted to bring attention to the over-abundance of stimuli and frequencies we are faced with everyday. Additionally, I used this film as a way to connect with those who may feel lost amongst it all- hopefully providing them with the feeling that “we are all in this together”.

Here is the synopsis I came up with to describe the film:

A portrayal of the duality of the human spirit and the energy that exists within all of us. Amidst frequencies of overstimulation and rapid technological advances, one can find themself disconnected to what it means to truly live. To feel lost and overwhelmed by the demands of society forces the need to dig deep into one’s own consciousness for answers. With truth unfound, one can always discover clues and self actualization through finding something… or someone… they can relate to.

And without further ado, here is the trailer for the Myrrhia Fall 2014 Fashion Film- to be released August 2014.

Director/DP/Editor: Emily Sandifer
Concept/Art Direction: Andrea Krystine Plell
Wardrobe: Myrrhia Fine Knitwear
Makeup and hair: Julia LoVetere
Models: Katrina @ Wilhemnia; Asher @ Ford
Prodcution Company: ESP Cinema

Songs: “Daisy” and “Anjel”
By 88:88 (mssngdgts)