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Ecologique Fashion is a sustainable fashion PR and events consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Video Lookbooks and Gritty Goodness

Amidst an over saturation of fashionable information available to us on the interwebs, we’ve seen a recent trend in more and more video campaigns, films, and shorts integrating fashion lines in a way like never before. In addition, while the conveniences of online shopping allow us to curl up in a cozy blanket and buy something on our iPad -or even mobile device- sometimes we don’t have enough confidence to buy unless we see the garment in action. This is where video lookbooks come in! –A chance to catalog your collection to the masses visually in an artistic and interactive way that connects with the viewer. Video Lookbooks also come in handy to send to the press or online zines as they are often looking for highly interesting visual media to feature.

With the purchase of my Cannon 7D (great investment) I’ve had the privilege to take my art directing to a new level- where I am taking the footage which (although still learning technicalities) allows me more immediate creative expression as well as proper representation of my client’s brand’s personality.

Recently, Scott Ian McFarland’s beautiful collection called for a video lookbook that would take his luxe brand and show consumers how it could be worn. As the lookbook itself utilized the entirety of his collection -without any other designers accessories- I found that we could also represent the line in a way that would “casual-ize chic” it, if you may, for the luxury man or woman’s wardrobe… so I styled things a little bit differently 😉

We filmed the video in two days as we were not able to coordinate a day for both models to come… so we shot the female model (Laura) on a Thursday and the male model (Dario) that Friday. I was happy with the models posing and the fact that the light in the vintage warehouse we borrowed (from designer Myrrhia) gave the film a gritty, dark feel. I was also stoked to find out that if you take Massive Attack’s “Babel”, and twist the pitch, the singer sounds delightfully like Thom Yorke!

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